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Start with 10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Being an Author, an article about social media, promotion and a bunch of stuff I haven't even tried to learn about yet, like SEO.

Don't unwittingly violate copyright by using someone else's photo to promote your book.
11 Places to Get a Free and Legal Photo for Your Blog

Twitter Tips for Authors

This is an excellent article on the Dos-and-Don'ts of author Twitter.

Excellent general tips on social media etiquette.

Goodreads author etiquette. I'm serious when I said to ignore it at your peril.
Ten Tips For Good Goodreads Author Behaviour
Worst Mistakes Authors Make On
The GoodReads Bullying Drama

Facebook allows you to convert your profile to a page, in case you don't want to build a new one, however, it looks like all of your posts get lost.

If you want to do it from scratch, How to Build an Author Facebook Page

10 Quick, Dirty Facebook Tips for Writers

StumbleUpon I know some authors who swear by StumbleUpon, and here's an article that will give you an overview and tips on how to use it effectively.

Seven sites for indie authors.

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